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Really good and It pays you for clicking on the banners on their pages. For each click you'll win from 1 up to 9 points (depends on your luck) - averagely it is 12 cents per click (payment for january).
You can earn $1 - $1.5 each day
You can click 2 times a day (each 12 hours).
For 5 minutes of clicking a day you can earn $30 - $50 a month (if you click only 1 times a day).
You can redeem your money after you reach 3000 points (40 - 50 days) - it is about $60 or you can redeem them for the goods - the value of the points is higher.
Of course you can refer more people - you should have more money.



Do you want to be a millionaire?
Play this contest on the net!
1 right answer = $100
12 right answers = $1 000 000

If you register now, you'll get:
- $5 for registration (for request a check you needn't reach any minimal payment limit so if you don't win, you'll get at least those $5; all bonuses will be pay out 60 days after official start)
- $5 for each referral and 10% from his winnings
- $0.30 for each friend you send email to
- 5 games a month as a bonus

At each question you have 4 choices and 40 second limit. If your answer is right, you have wo choices: save the money or continue. If your answer is bad, you lose your money. After registration you can play once a month. You can raise that number if you register to some of their (usually free) offers (section "Earn More Games"). After registration at some sponsor you'll get welcome email which you must send to to get more free games (but don't forget to delete your password from the email).

IMPORTANT!!! Bonuses you can get only if you register to at least 2 offers until 23th February 2001 and and if you play at least one game after this date. I recommend you to register to as many offers as you can.



Pays for many things:
Clicking on the banner on your page: $0.05 Visiting their sponsor's pages: $0.01-$0.05 Registering for various (usually free) offers: $0.10 - $2
If someone register for free membership: $0.10
If someone register as paid member: $20 (!!!)
Everytime you login to the members area: $0.01
Přidávání stránek do jejich vyhledávače: 0.05$
It will also pay you for surfing soon.



GREAT. EPilot pays you 3 cent every time you search or you click on any category/subcategory. You also get $2 for every person you refer. You'll get check after $20.



You'll have 50 points for registration, and for each minute of surfing 1 point.
Then you can play with their playing machine (1 point = 1 spin) and you can win more points, prizes (for example car), money (some my friens already won).
If some of your referrals win some prize, you'll get the same!!!



You'll get $10 only for registration. You'll get money for clicking on the banners and visiting pages, for registering to various offers (usually free). You'll also get money for active referrals.



New company with completely different system. The program runs hidden in your system tray. When it starts blinking, it mean's, that aou can look at some ad - either as text message ($0.05 per message) or short Flash animation ($0.25 - $10 per ad).



You'll get non-paid emails. You'll get $0.40 for each referral in 1st level and $0.20 in 2nd level. Check is sent after you reach $20.

CashClickConcepts (Crew-Design)


Besides paid surfing it pays you for setting your homepage, registering for free offers, shopping and placeing their pop-up window with advertisement to your page.



It gives you points for different things - for example clicking on sponsors ($0.25 or $0.50). For filling in one questionnaire you'll get point of value $40. You can use these points for discounts. For each person you refer, you will get $12.5 - but I don't know when will they send the money - if you know it, please mail me.



You'll be paid for listening the internet radio
$0.20 per hour up to 100 hours a month - it equals $20 a month
$0.08 per hour fo direct referrals
$0.04 per hour for referrals in 2nd - 4th level

You can choose from 120 stations which you can listen through Windows Media Player or Real Player.



Pays for listenig the internet radio up to $1.25 per hour.
1st level of referrals $0.50 per hour and $0.25 up to 5th level. Monthly limit is 80 hours.


Pays for surfing, reading emails, playing games, registering to other programs and shopping.

If you have some questions, notices, experiences...write me.

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