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(I can't speak english very well, so I apologise for some mistakes)

Now you can great opportunity to earn some money Last modified: 18-March-2001

How does it works?

You simply register at one of following servers. Registration is free and takes only few minutes. After regitration you download small program where are shown advertising banners. Then you only get money for minutes of using this program while surfing the net. It's possible to earn $0.50 per hour, but there are also servers which pay you more money. You also can place more Advertisement Bars from various companies onto your desktop and get much more money. You don't get paid only for surfing of yours, but also for surfing of your friends which are registered as your referrals. Then you get up to 25% of his/her money (of course it doesn't reduce his/her payments).

Where are this money from?

The money are from their clients (sponsors) for displaying the advertisement. You get the share of this money.

What must I do for it?

You only register at one or more servers - you only have to fill the form with your personal informations (name, adress, e-mail, password, your interests etc.). Then you download small program (usually from 100 kB to 2 MB), which will show you the advertisement.

How much money can I earn?

Most companies don't give you money directly, but they give you some points. Value of them is calculated at the end of each month according to how much money the company collect from its sponsors. At the most of companies you can earn about $0.50 per hour. But this sum should be higher, even multiple higher if you use the referrals system. Some companies have monthly limit of money you can earn, but in most ones you can earn so much you want.

What are referrals?

For each member you get to the system you'll get some additional money (points). You'll get them for his regitration or as share of time when he's surfing. Usually you can get this bonus for more levels of your 'pyramid' - you won't get it only for people you get for the system but also for people which these ones get and so on. Because of this system you can get much more money - tens, hundreds, thousands dollars.

How will I get my money?

The money will be send to your postal address as cheque (or some servers can send them to your bank account) after you reach the minimum payout balance (usually 20 - 50$).

When will I get the money to my account?

Every time you will be connected to the Internet and you will run the program for ads viewing. The viewbar usually lights green when it earns you money.

Will I get money if I'm away from my computer?

NO. Each program detects if you are working on the computer. There are some programs that can simulate mouse movement or surfing the net, but their using is against the rules of these companies and if they detect your cheating, you can be (and you will be) expelled. Some of them you can find here), but their use is on zour own risk.

How can I find out how much money I already earned?

At each company you can look at your stats page. Usually it doesn't shows you the money, but it shows the points or minutes. The money are calculted after the end of month.

Must I click on the banners?

Usually not. But some companies controls your activity by the click ratio (you must have it usually between 0.5% - 5%) but it isn' problem. It's simple - if some ad interests you, click on it.

Other possibilities

Many servers also pay for reading advertising e-mails. (! you must confirm each e-mail - usually by clicking at some link). There are also servers which pay you for visting their home page, for clicking on their banner on your webpage, or listaning the internet radio.


Here are some servers that pay for surfing.
If you have some questions, notices, experiences...write me.

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